2012 – I am all me me me – Es geht nur um mich, mich, mich

So you know what it is all about

Damit ihr wisst um was es geht

I am a twenty-nine year old hobby photographer and writer. And after almost two years of unemployment, despite my appropriate experience and degrees, I decided to change something. The beginning is here. A blog is a good start, first of all to write, to archive and to share. Most of the time the post will be bi-lingual English and German. Because I can and it will improve my understanding of both languages.


I will write about my Photography experience (starting a online course)

I will write about my creative writing (starting a mail course)

I will cherry-pick and share my poems, poetry and short-storys from my old diaries

I will share via twitter and wordpress links that are worth it IMHO

Polaroid Instant Film

Ich bin ein Neunundzwanzig jähriger hobby Fotograf und “Schriftsteller”. Nach fast zwei Jahren Erwerbslosigkeit, trotz der passender Erfahrung und Ausbildung, habe ich entschlossen etwas zu ändern. Der Anfang ist hier. Ein Blog ist ein guter Start, um zu schrieben, archivieren und teilen. Die meiste Zeit werden die Beiträge Zweisprachig sein, englisch und deutsch. Weil ich es kann und mein Verständnis beider Sprachen verbessert.


Ich werde über meine Erfahrungen von meine Fotografie Online Kurs berichten

Ich werde berichten wie es weitergeht mit meinem kreativem-schreiben Kurs

Die besten Gedichte, Poesie und Kurzgeschichten aus meinen alten Tagebücher werden veröffentlicht

Links die meiner Meinung nach mehr Aufmerksamkeit verdienen teile ich via Twitter und WordPress

Polaroid Instant Film

25 thoughts on “2012 – I am all me me me – Es geht nur um mich, mich, mich

    1. I actually don’t know anymore… a gift from a friend. I very much liked the color and feel of it… (now you peaked my curiosity and I will investigate this… will take some time though)

      1. Pardon the intrusion if you will but I do believe that would be lapis lazuli. I could be terribly wrong but I have a ring that is lapis lazuli and it looks awfully similar. Thank you for the post by the way.

  1. Hi there,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog http://reflectionsofchina.wordpress.com and for the follow, it is appreciated 🙂 If you have time, please take a look at my second blog http://moreimagesfromme.wordpress.com and let me know your thoughts. This site is for images i take in other countries around the world, I hope you like that site too!
    Your photography work is cool as is the writing, I too will follow and enjoy as time goes by. Regards Mark

  2. Like the bilingual stuff, will follow so I can brush up my German 🙂
    Also, have just finished the second book of 1Q84 and can definitely recommend it!

    1. hi there iarxiv, thanks for the follow that’s cool already. It is still on the to read list (the first one 1Q84) but I am curious on how it will work out. And of course thanks for the suggestion for the next book. Though I will wait and see if I can finish the first one 😉

  3. This is quite a stunning blog you have! I am enjoying the bilingual thing, as I know enough German to get by.

    1. Thank you for the likes, and comments… and now a follow 🙂

      It is strange because sometimes I think and write in English… then again the flow is better in German and I write and think in my mother tongue again.

      Sometimes the translation works well, sometimes it needs a bit of paraphrasing.

      I am surprised how international German is as language. Many have already expressed interest because of the bilingual nature, but I thought it would be just my whim. To be able to incorporate my German Text as well.

      until the next line,

      1. Some people will think I’m odd when I say this, but I’ve always found German to be a beautiful language. Although it’s not used in Australia, I chose to learn it and think it’s fascinating. It interests me to be able to see a piece of creative writing written in two different languages and how this changes the effect of the writing.

        Anyway, see you around. I shall be visiting regularly. 🙂

      2. I nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogger Award. You can check it out on my page. Congrats!

  4. all the best of luck in your endeavors. same I’m also beginning something else out of this unemployment turned blessing in disguise!

  5. Nice blog! The stone is probably Lapis Lazuli, yes – I received some recently from Afghanistan, as partof my business – and posted about it! But this stone might be from China, still Lapis, still good!

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