Two Angels and a Prophet – Episode 18 “I want Star Trek I don’t want Bladerunner!” #boringsunnday #podcast

“Two Angels and a Prophet”

“Zwei Engel und ein Prophet”

We were at it again, @gabsrants and @poetjoel and me

our sun-daily hourly ramblings.

A pinch of politics,

a hint of history,

loads of rambling

some coughing

Wir waren wiedermal dran, @gabsrants und @poetjoel und ich.

unsere sonn-tägliche stündliche weit-schweifende Unterhaltung.

Eine Prise Politik,

eine Spur Geschichte

viele weit-schweifende Unterhaltungen

ein paar Huster


Another group therapy session – coping with our Trump fatigue, international developments and political shortfalls by discussing exactly the same.

We Are: @Gabsrants  : Gabriel @Poetjoel  : Joel @PictureBandit : Michael

Podcast email:

Michaels Patreon:

Genetics and Sex:


Marriage Equality in Europe:

Tryo Rien prévu pour demain:

BBC in the 80s – a sample:

Angie Thomas’ retweet:

Winning Snake with Hilbert curves:



John Oliver on College Sports:

Reinhardt at Blizzcon:

Hans Rosling – Why boat refugees don’t fly:

GTA V Minute Men:

Cyber War:

The Time I Got Recruited to Collude with the Russians (article):




Michael’s Show Notes:

My new books


Currently Reading

New Tongue Twister

Britan and EU

Not talking enough about Turkey

Ancient Orange newest breakdown

Basic Income and Automation

You can win Snake

Frankie Boyle’s New World Order

AIDS HIV Fact Sheet, not transmissible on medication

Because Swear Trek and Batlabels are Fun on Twitter

Infinite Looping Siri, Alexa, Google Home

Social media and the law


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