Two Angels and a Prophet – Episode 16 “Boredcast” #boringsaturday #podcast

“Two Angels and a Prophet”

“Zwei Engel und ein Prophet”

We were at it again, @gabsrants and @poetjoel and me

our sun-daily hourly ramblings.

A pinch of politics,

a hint of history,

loads of rambling

some coughing

Wir waren wiedermal dran, @gabsrants und @poetjoel und ich.

unsere sonn-tägliche stündliche weit-schweifende Unterhaltung.

Eine Prise Politik,

eine Spur Geschichte

viele weit-schweifende Unterhaltungen

ein paar Huster


We Are: @Gabsrants : Gabriel @Poetjoel : Joel @PictureBandit : Michael

Podcast email:

China beams protons:…the-first-time

I’m just a bill:

Mercator Projection:

Trump Approval:…l-ratings/

Bezos asks what to do with his money:

Trump’s crazy doctor:…uistics/497840/

Grenfell Tower:…-latest-updates

Adam Savage visits Artisan’s Asylum makerspace:

Last time someone ordered me to do something, I was 18 …:…cks-down-bannon/

White Flight:

Erdogan’s Turkey destroys ANZAC memorial:…jectid=11878350

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk:

Tyler Oakley:

Lesbian Pirates:

Hawaii basic income:…7-6?r=US&IR=T

Basic Income Patreon:

Dennis Leary – No Cure for Cancer:

Last Week Tonight Lessons in Geography:

Dr Shajul Islam

Michaels Show Notes…/875778856002740224


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