Two Angels and a Prophet – Episode 15 “Australia, we love you, you all have Asperger’s” #boringsaturday #podcast

“Two Angels and a Prophet”

“Zwei Engel und ein Prophet”

We were at it again, @gabsrants and @poetjoel and me

our sun-daily hourly ramblings.

A pinch of politics,

a hint of history,

loads of rambling

some coughing

Wir waren wiedermal dran, @gabsrants und @poetjoel und ich.

unsere sonn-tägliche stündliche weit-schweifende Unterhaltung.

Eine Prise Politik,

eine Spur Geschichte

viele weit-schweifende Unterhaltungen

ein paar Huster


We Are: @Gabsrants : Gabriel @Poetjoel : Joel @PictureBandit : Michael

Podcast email:


Queer as Folks (UK):



Lord Buckethead:…ad-our-new-king/

The Newsroom:

I actually called Alfred Albert – stupid me.

Adam West as Batman:


Slight audio smudge around 39:09 – I hope it won’t get worse.

Wilbur wants to kill himself:

La fille sur le pont:

Wayne’s World:

The People vs Larry Flynt:

Perry Rhodan:

Bilingual Time:…you-perceive-time

Movies you only watch once: Requiem for a Dream, Oldboy

New Level of Stupid:
Theresa May aligns with UDP

New Level of Smart: (or creepy?)

Fuck up the next generation:
Benny Hill

Good movie:


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