Two Angels and a Prophet – Episode 14 “Computer Games and Rocket Propelled Grenades” #boringsaturday #podcast

“Two Angels and a Prophet”

“Zwei Engel und ein Prophet”

We were at it again, @gabsrants and @poetjoel and me

our sun-daily hourly ramblings.

A pinch of politics,

a hint of history,

loads of rambling

some coughing

Wir waren wiedermal dran, @gabsrants und @poetjoel und ich.

unsere sonn-tägliche stündliche weit-schweifende Unterhaltung.

Eine Prise Politik,

eine Spur Geschichte

viele weit-schweifende Unterhaltungen

ein paar Huster


Early release of our *cursednumberomitted* 14th episode. We will keep doing this, no matter if anybody listens.

The unofficial end to our never announced first season. Trying to avoid Trump, terrorism and tedious bullshit this week and failing utterly.

We Are: @Gabsrants : Gabriel @Poetjoel : Joel @PictureBandit : Michael

Podcast email:

“Bear with us”:…&pgtype=Homepage&

You stopped reading, haven’t you?:…-havent-you/


Making The Abyss:…LE849B5CB98E7DDD6

Movies you only want to watch once:

New Level of Stupid:
USA leaves Paris Climate Accord

New Level of Smart:

Fuck up the new generation: Beavis and Butthead…dq9TlOyPa5XYKXmNy

Pinky and the Brain:


Facebook Sketch?:


Die Fantastischen Vier MfG:


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