Two Angels and a Prophet Ep 8 #notboringsunday #podcast

“Two Angels and a Prophet”

“Zwei Engel und ein Prophet”

We were at it again, @gabsrants and @poetjoel and me

our sun-daily hourly ramblings.


Wir waren wiedermal dran, @gabsrants und @poetjoel und ich.

unsere sonn-tägliche stündliche weit-schweifende Unterhaltung.


A couple of white Swiss dudes being politically incorrect about almost everything….
This time, it’s about stepping into all of the its – political incorrectness gone mad!


AvE Car Computer Hacking:

John Deere:…ourse-you-ow.html

Volcanic Eruption:…als-7000-years/

Julia Reda:

Labor Gap Bloomberg:…a-labor-shortage

3D-Printing Homes, MachinePix etc. :


Who killed the electric car? :

Tesla Union:…-fight-750492

Hasan Minhaj WCD:

Fantasy Basel:

Club Dorothée:



How Europeans developed white skin:…lved-white-skin


Cool Runnings:

Joshua Nigerian Boxer:…ba-ibo-titles-bout/

I love you robot:

Uganda Refugees:…7-b0c1-37e417ee6c76

Uganda Votes:…ection-gets-underway/

Juice News Media:

Wikipedia Turkey:…locked-in-turkey/

Boss @ Empire Records:


Alt-Right not alright:…-a7709446.html

Wrong side of history:

Trump difficult job:…ays-idUSKBN17U0CA

Kinski Jesus Tour:


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