To Patreon or not to Patreon Support for my art

Hello World

I think I toyed with this idea before, but maybe it’s a good idea to get a dry run here on my blog first. I thought about opening a Patreon page to find support, a community of people that like what I do and would also like to support me in my endeavors.

What are your thoughts?

Would you support me with a dollar every month?

Here’s a raw text I think about posting on my Patreon page. (not yet online)

– – –

Hello Friends,

You have found your way to my Patreon, a place where I am looking for support, I would like to continue in my life by writing my Poetry and snapping a few simple artistic Film-Photographs. Unfortunately my Art doesn’t sell because I do not take the usual, easily sold pictures, that is fair to say. I still find pleasure in creating them as well as my poetry.

For a long time I have worked to finance my hobbies, my desires, my pleasures. It has now been over 365 days that I had a Job that paid for all of this, I am not a lazy person, I have finished several apprenticeships in Switzerland, continue my education to enhance my abilities and I speak three languages (DE, EN, FR). I am still looking and searching for a job but my social welfare gets cut every so often and I have difficulties keeping hope.

The world doesn’t need me as a commercial clerk, there is always someone there who is more fitted, more perfect and can give 250% to the company and the job. The grammatical and factual errors in these statements is what I read regularly in the declination letters to my applications.

I now hope that I can find people, willing to support me in my non-profit endeavors.

There is my Poetry, available on my Blog:

There is my Image collection, available on Deviantart:

I also started a Podcast with my 2 brothers, where we talk about the world:

I am thinking about starting up to twitch again, but have yet to find the right game.

– – –

Social Welfare in my Country pays me 1300 CHF

(equivalent it with EUR, GBP and USD, as currency developments are going)

Yet I have monthly costs, like most human beings:
– 600 CHF for Rent
– 200 CHF for Insurance
– 100 CHF for Mobile cost
– 300 CHF for pleasure (Coffee, Cigarettes and maybe a drink)
– and something else always comes up

It is fair to say that with each month I am more indebted to my state, my bank as well as my family. I have become a burden. 

I admit I am a lucky person, I have a state system that allows me to survive, but it just lets me do barely that. I can not invest, save or improve my situation. Within my Unemployment stint (yes it is akin to prison, you are being imprisoned by poverty and social unacceptable because you do not work) a Basicincome (Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen) support group has collected enough signatures to start a initiative for the possibility of a Basicincome in Switzerland, since then I follow the movement with great interest. Because I can see the chances that such a system would enable in all citizens, for me it would give me the freedom to be the artist I claim to be.

Yet the initiative has been struck down by the more conservative population of Switzerland, I now turn to you, people who might enjoy my poetry, have appreciated my images might have listened to a podcast of ours and would rather see more of them than less, just people who can and care.

Fear of Life
I speak of the fear inherent to my existence. The challenge which I face on a daily basis. Even reading E-Mails, posting on my blog or uploading images. From journeys taken a hundredfold, to travels in to far and distant countries, Angst accompanies me. Nervousness as a sign of life, battles of small porportions for a hundred small victories a day. My life that has succeeded and yet failed through existing yet not achieving. My constant questions, to questions which have been discussed and diluted. This is the fear I feel. Angst-ridden. Imagine the courage that accumulates over time. I might be losing the war of life but I am winning my daily battles. Once my insecurity evaporates, my nerves shut down and my questions run out, hence will be the day of enlightenment with death. Challenged, opposed, lost and victorious my daily, hourly, unexpectedly life of fighting of the fear.

digitally yours
Picture Bandit


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