Dear WordPress – Sehr geehrte …

“an open letter”


It’s about time for another open letter to WordPress. I do love the service and the community WordPress has to offer but over time I have one problem with the stream and it’s limitations.

You see scrolling down, scrolling down again… missing posts and getting locked in the old and usual blogs is what really annoys my hands and steals my time

  • Creation of Lists (sorting of  blogs should be displayed according to user generated filtering, see twitter etc.)
  • Changing the never-ending scroll to a never-ending wall that grows to the left (older posts to the right, most have featured images)
  • mouse over should give a bit more information that only the title maybe also a choice of the user (short extract, tags, bigger featured image)
  • random function, which just gives you a random blog (with no spam-reports attached to it)
  • Daily Pressed is an awesome tool but also a high to reach goal, maybe a page “the random-zine” can showcase random blogs (only checked for spam content, with no specific view on quality… sometimes users just need a push to improve)
  • within the new endless wall already viewed posts (also reblogs) could be grey/dull colored so you don’t stumble over the same posts twice
  • Blog users should be able to allow “a similar to this post section” (ping backs are a bit annoying but with the tag system each posts could have a “similar like this” suggestion section)
  •  The management or browsing of the people who follow you should also be more flexible and interactive (and vice versa) and not an endless exercise  on clicking on “next page” buttons.
  • “Generate a Report” post options, so you can share your discoveries with your followers more easily than checking out all your likes and new follows manually. The information is there, all that is needed is a tool to retrieve it.

Probably I didn’t make much sense with this chaotic listing, yet I hope some people agree with me that though everything works fine and is great… it could become greater, more interactive and even a better community with a bit more tools and facilitated discoveries and interactions.

I know I only hinted upon a few things here, if you are interested in a few of these or have discovered a nice option I have overlooked I would be happy to read about it in the comments.

PZ001-PZ 680-SIG


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