Weekly Photo Challenge: delicate

Weekly Photo delicate

by The Daily Post

Wöchentliche Foto Herausforderung 

von The Daily Post

Maybe my luck is changing, well it already changed several times this year, concerning the weekly photo challenges I had a bit of an inspiration or free time drop. It may be both. Now I am not sure if you can keep calling this photography. Because what I used to get such closeups is more like a digital macro camera. It’s called a DIGIMicroscope and is made by the german company Reflecta GmbH.

– – –

But as soon as I read the assignment I knew that my collection of broken glasses and mugs will make a macro appearance.

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More Images on Deviantart

Vielleicht habe ich wieder etwas mehr Glück, wobei sich das schon mehrmals geänder hat t in diesem Jahr, aber betreffend die wöchentliche Foto Herausforderungen hatte ich ein bisschen Inspiration oder freie Zeit Verlust. Es könnte auch beides sein. Jetzt bin ich nicht sicher ob man das noch Fotografieren nennen kann. Denn was ich verwendete, um solche Nahaufnahmen zu bekommen, ist mehr eine Digitale Makro Kamera. Es nennt sich DigiMicroscope und wird von einer deutschn Firma, Reflecta GmbH, hergstellt.

– – –

Als ich den Auftrag für diese Woche las wusste ich, dass meine Sammlung von zerbrochenen Gläsern und Tassen als makro erscheinen.

 – – –

Mehr Bilder auf Deviantart

grab2012-12-15_23-59-12_594 grab2012-12-16_00-08-09_557

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: delicate

  1. Beautiful.
    I love my new digital camera, but I’m having trouble getting up close macro shots. I have a macro setting, but it doesn’t look macro to me. I’m not sure if it’s me or the camera.

    1. It really depends what kind of camera, and though sometimes you have a macro setting it seems to be only very-close-up-shots.

      This reflecta thingy is truly a digital microscope, on the cheap side but still micro-scope.

      1. Yeah, that’s what I thought. Oh well. It will do for now. Someday when I buy another, I’ll make sure it does have a macro. I also want to be able to use filters. Until then, I still love my camera. It’s so much more amazing than what I had before.
        I don’t know if I ever told you, but I used to be big in photography. I have a SLR Cannon. I had my own b&w darkroom, but I moved and had to pack it up. I got out of photography for a while. I’m glad to be back at it again. I just need more time to get out more than I do.

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