Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

Weekly Photo Challenge

by The Daily Post

Wöchentliche Foto


von The Daily Post

I considered nature images, street photography and a lot of my old images from two years ago.

– – –

The first one has made the cut. More because of the moment it represents for me and the time that has gone by since then.

Near and Far

The other images have a certain depth to them. A foreground and a background, two subjects incorporated in to one image.

– – –

More Images on Deviantart

Ich habe Naturbilder, Strassen Fotografie und eine Menge meiner alten Bilder von vor zwei Jahren in betracht gezogen.

– – –

Das erste hat den Schnitt gemacht. Mehr wegen dem Moment  und die Zeit, die seither vorgegangen ist.

Nah Und Fern

Die anderen Bilder haben eine gewisse Tiefen. Einen Vordergrund und einem Hintergrund, zwei Subjekten in einem Bild eingearbeitet.

– – –

Mehr Bilder auf Deviantart


14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

    1. I saw these on a local market, didn’t know they existed. In the end it’s a nice hook for a pursue so you can perch it on the border of a table, without the need of putting it on the ground.

  1. I really cannot write that on a public blog ……..but suffice to say that I finally figured out that it was the reflection of your lens…very creative

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