Poll: Emotional Source Of Inspiration

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what is my muse

was ist meine Muse

Emotionless, yet alive and active. It is not a state I often inhabit. Somehow you start to miss the turmoil within you. It’ is like saying goodbye to a friend you know that you are going to see again soon.

– – –

Looking back usually, sadness and anger were my source of inspiration. Mostly for writing. Happiness and Excitement usually lead to me going on a photography trip or maybe a well planned and prepared Pen & Paper gaming Session.

Have you noticed differences in your emotional state connected to the inspiration it brings you? What is your muse?

– – –

Emotionslos, aber lebendig und aktiv. Es ist nicht ein Zustand den ich oft bewohne. Irgendwie beginnt man den Aufruhr in sich zu vermissen. Es ist wie ein Abschied von einem Freund, mit dem wissen, ihn bald wieder zu sehen.

– – –

Rückblickend, normalerweise waren Trauer und Wut meine Quelle der Inspiration. Vor allem für das Schreiben. Glück und Aufregung führen in der Regel zu einem Fotografie Ausflug oder vielleicht eine gut geplante und vorbereitet Pen & Paper-Gaming-Session.

Hast du Unterschiede in deinem emotionalen Zustand und der Inspiration die es dir es bringt bemerkt? Was ist deine Muse?

–  –  –


7 thoughts on “Poll: Emotional Source Of Inspiration

  1. For me, artistically, the most inspiring emotions are sadness and/or tenderness. When I’m happy I usually go outside and do something sporty or hang out with friends.

  2. Sadness inspires me too, I guess it’s a way of decompressing. Generally though, and since i don’t particularly enjoy depression, i need to have peace of mind to create…
    Of course happiness and joy and good weather takes me out of my house too! 🙂

    1. I just recently noticed the inspiration that peace of mind can be, the absence of emotions and thoughts that can inspire or leave room for other thoughts.

  3. I think my muse is other people’s greatness. A good photographer makes me want to go out and take pictures. Beautiful paintings (realist or abstract) make me want to paint. My favorite novels inspire me to write.
    I might not be a great as them, but I don’t care. I try my best. I see their work and something rises up in me. I have to create or I become depressed.

    1. There is truth in that. Tough I sometimes get discouraged as well… I try to work on that.

      “create or be depressed”, I think this is going on my new commandments of writing list Nr.1

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