Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Weekly Photo Challenge

by The Daily Post

Wöchentliche Foto Herausforderung

von The Daily Post

This weeks challenge did not came easy for me.

Inside. What is inside? I know for a fact that my roll of film this week will not contain any good interior photography.

So I decided to go look around my old images. Then I remembered this one, just recently uploaded to deviantart, after thinking about it I realized how often inside applies to this image.

– – –

First there is the math on the board, a Venn-diagram

then there is the room

and the class I did not belong

Die Herausforderung von dieser Woche kam nicht einfach für mich.

Innen. Was bedeutet das? I weiss für ein Fakt das meine Filmrolle von dieser Woche keine guten Innenaufnahmen enthalten wird.

Also habe ich mich bei meinen alten Bilder umgeschaut. Dann erinnerte ich mich dieses, erst vor kurzem hochgeladen. Darüber nachdenken erkenne ich viele Aspekte von innen in diesem Bild.

Da ist zunächst die Mathematik auf der Wandtafel, ein Venn-Diagramm

dann gibt es den Raum

und die klasse zu der ich nicht wirklich gehörte

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

  1. I appreciate the thought that goes into your selection of images. I am very conservative and I am most comfortable with images that have strong vertical and/or horizontal lines. I think the composition here is very strong… It is a fine image… and an excellent selection for the “inside” theme.

  2. A perfect inside image! You could also say that for some, the study of mathematics is colorless, or black and white. (But no so for others, who see endless possibilities!)

  3. Interesting shot! I am not gonna say “nice” cause it’s a classroom and there’s math on the board…. No More Math Please!
    I can’t say that everyone is paying attention though…! 😛
    You stood on the table? Where was the professor during the shooting???

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