Nr. 39

Nr. 39

Every week or at least almost every week I make a run down to my local camera store to get one of my developed rolls of film.Now I already mentioned two new projects, that are a bit intertwined. There is my new attempt at street photography and my desire to shoot more portraits of the encountersin my life.My post last  Thursday (Time Stop) has gotten quite the attention there I promised some pictures taken in my downtime.  Now here they are. Jede Woche oder zumindest fast jede Woche mache ich einen Spaziergang nach unten zu meinem lokalen Fotogeschäft um einem meiner entwickelten Filmrollen abzuholen.Ich habe schon zwei neue Projekte erwähnt, die ein bisschen miteinander verflochten sind. Es ist mein neuer Versuch der Strassen Fotografie, und mein Wunsch, mehr Porträts der Begegnungen in meinem Leben aufzunehmen.Mein Beitrag am vergangenen Donnerstag (Auszeit) hat ein bisschen Aufmerksamkeit bekommen, dort habe ich versprochen einige Bilder in meinem Auszeit aufgenommen mit euch teile. Nun hier sind sie.


6 thoughts on “Film XXXIX

  1. I used to live in Houston, Texas. I used to walk the streets and the underground tunnels and take pictures. I had a darkroom and developed my own b&w pictures. For too long of a story, I got out of photography.
    I now live in a small town in St. Paul, Minnesota. I sometimes am envious that you live some place with so much more interesting images. But I realize that’s just an excuse.
    I went for a walk yesterday around the pond behind my apartment complex and didn’t think to bring my camera. I have to make that walk again with my camera.
    My novel and blog take up a lot of time. But I really want to make the effort to get out and explore for images.
    So much creativity, so little time. ;0)
    You inspire me to get out with my camera and look.

    1. what greater compliment could you make? Other than that I inspire you with my photography.

      Because of the envy I know of many who would exchange places with you, yes even if you are in a small town. The country and the grass over the horizon seems more interesting even within images (or sometimes just?).

      I have the same issue with people who have the ocean and their doorstep, but I am not a traveling soul at heart, this means I have to look for images in my daily life.

      Creativity comes in many ways and angles, I hope that you bring your camera along from now on and that the decision to tap another creative-source leads to more inspiration and does not hurt your other projects.

      take care, keep posting

      I leave you with some words of a french street photographer

      “visé juste, tirez vites et foutez le con” / “aim true, shoot quickly don’t give a damn about the idiots”

      1. Never thought of you wishing you were some place else.
        Just came back from a walk, with camera in hand, around the pond. Am now posting Photo challenge – Inside.
        Will post walk a little later in the week.
        Thanks for the quote.

  2. You don’t have to go on major trips to find new and exciting photo opportunities. I know that things and places your see everyday get ho hum and boring, but I would bet there are lots of new things within a short distance of where your live. We make a lot of day trips that are range from a few minutes to two hours in travel time from where we live. I added a category for these day trips to my website “DayTrippin”. Need ideas Google the tourist websites for where you live, and, see what there is around that you have never been to. Get out there lots of places to go and take pictures of.

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