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“Fun, Gaming and Anime”

“Spass, Spiel und Anime”

 Ok, it is actually almost two o’clock. But since I do not have to get up in the morning an because of my unemployed/artistic lifestyle I often sit in front of my PC/TV at that time not tired at all. Reading Blogs, checking deviation or sometimes, like now, checking up on suggestions.I have to explain a little bit. I have friends and family members who often suggest me to watch this, look in to that or sign in there. But I actually at the time of the suggestion do not have the time or even desire to watch it right away (e.g. Game of Thrones I could start now and watch the whole Season 2 for the first time). I did not know until now why I did that, but I begin to realize it is a perfect cushion in case of boredome or in this case…I had to change my daily routines due to an foreseeable but unexpected change of social interaction scheduling (read past blog posts and you will figure it out). I suddenly realized that I did indeed have some catching up to do. Because I could do with a laugh or two I ended up with watching a lot of humerus programs.

Table Top (Geek & Sundry) 

My first suggestions may be a bit nerdy, geekish and wierd but I suggest every one who likes to game (what ever Game) should watch this show. It just features some net-nerd-celebrities playing a board/dice game. The games shown are awesome I actually knew a few of them but think about ordering, for the first time in years, some Table Top Games. (Video Below)

 Live at the Apollo

This is a British stand up comedy show. What I actually find fascinating is the huge stage all for one comedian. I got in to it because many of the regulars on my other favorite British show (QI – Quite Interesting) had at least one appearance there. Oh darn I am so glad I checked it out. I was a while a go that I laughed so long and loud that I thought I would die and got muscle aches. Actually this is not a show I would suggest watching late at night with keen-eared neighbour unless you have a zen-like self control or laugh like a mouse.  I did put a youtube video down below, but I guess due to Copyright etc. laws it won’t stay up long. But you know… there are pages… ways… to find what you are looking for… if you got an idea.

Legend of Korra

This actually goes on to my list of “Why am I still/again single”. As it is, I am guessing here since I am not normal, not normal for grown men to watch anime series made for kids on a regular basis.

This is a follow up to another anime series, of which I think the Movie did not do it justice, Avatar – The Last Airbender. What I specially enjoy about it (the Legend of Korra) is the steam punk, world of darkness, magic and Science progress that is going on in the world I knew from the former series. Just a few funny relaxing minutes of something that I like and is quite new, therefore more exiting than re-re-re-re-runs of old series.

This is actually it. My try-suggest. (due to tiredness and late… early hours… not yet translated just like all these shows)


4 thoughts on “On The Web – Im Internet II

  1. i wish im havin that lifestyle, im starting work next week 😦 awesome suggestions you have there 🙂 and i beg to differ on the statement that its not normal for adults to watch anime, anime is for all ages! 🙂

    1. Thanks… well try to enjoy your work, I know sometimes it is easy to get annoyed but being unemployed is not all that what it seems to be. I would rather start work next week (as long as it’s not Mac Donalds or similar) than knowing that I have to live on the bare minimum for another month. Of course this gives me some liberty and freedom to follow my dreams and try new things but acceptance is still a long way away. As long as “how do you live” means where does the money come from…

      1. thank you for letting me see the good side and also the bad side! 🙂 ‘how do i live?’ that’s really deep, i dont even know how to answer that, but i know what you mean, thanks again for the advice, i really appreciate it 🙂

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