Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship and Love

Weekly Photo Challenge

by The Daily Post

Wöchentliche Foto Herausforderung

von The Daily Post

young lovers are no bother

more a window to the innocence

to the moment and the love and joy

– – –

young lovers hand in hand

they seeme to know what they have planed 

junge frisch-verliebte sind kein Übel

mehr ein Fenster der Unschuld

zu dem Moment, Liebe und Glück

– – –

junge Frisch-verliebte Hand in Hand

scheinen zu wissen was geplant


10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship and Love

    1. thank you, sometimes I miss a comment and am very surprised once I go through my own things.

      I think so that they are inseparable or another way to look at it that they are the same thing, called by a different name.

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