Pic of a Pic – Foto eines Fotos

Polaroid: pic of a pic series

Polaroid: Foto eines Fotos Serie

For a long time I have been thinking about a series of pictures of pictures.

I have had a few tries with my digital camera but this did not have the flair of the eternal reflection.

Deviantart Polaroid Gallery

Schon lange denke ich an eine Serie in der ich ein Foto von einem Foto mache.

Ich habe auch bereits ein paar versuche mit der Digital Kamera gemacht aber das hatte nicht das flair der ewigen spiegelung.

Deviantart Polaroid Galerie 


5 thoughts on “Pic of a Pic – Foto eines Fotos

    1. it was kind of rewarding and special occasion when I finally was able to realize, in an appropriate manner, what I had thought out practically from the beginning of my photography experience.

      And I doing very well, somehow re leafed and surprised by that fact myself. Thank you for asking.

      It also helps to keep busy with stuff I like to do 😉

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