E-Books Vs P-Books Continued


Just resonantly, as in two blogs ago, I wrote a post about how paper books are here to stay despite the advance of electronic books. I don’t believe e-books are going away, nor do I want them to; they are here to stay. But I also believe p-books are here to say.

I received a few comments on the value of e-books. They save space when one is traveling and want to bring several books along. They also save trees. If I could invent another way to print books without using paper, I would. I love trees.

Paper books have smell and feel. Something e-books will never have.

I don’t want e-books to go away. I agree, they have their place. I’m just saying they are not going to completely take over printed books.

But the real reason I write this post is because of Picture-Bandit. He posted a…

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