As a Response

Ok with my third reblog I just realized that it is not very smart to write too much 😉

The Blog “Janrereally” and her post “How do I make myself more employable?” has enspired me to quite the response… 

— — —

I know the position your in, well may be not entirely, grant you there are already a fair few differences on the first glance ;). But what I know is the feeling of “making-oneself-more-employable”. I tried to do that the last two years, set my expectations lower and lower (although there are still jobs I would not do) and at one point I just lost hope.

I thought it had to be something wrong, re-wrote my CV, got better and better at writing applications (I helped my Girlfriend write one… first interview… Job!) so I thought… it has to be me. My person, not the experience or diplomas, they do not want me.

Then I decided to get a second opinion and made an appointment for a professional “career counselor” he approved of my CV (design, spelling etc.) he was impressed by my diplomas (languages, former employees) but had no clear explanation why I did not get employed over the last years.

What I was deeply impressed with was how good it felt to have someone to talk to… who listened… it’s a bit of a lame advice but if your social-circle is any bit like mine they slowly get tired with the “unemployment-dilemma”

What I wish to say, or try to say, is that I now think that “making-oneself-more-employable” is the wrong way to go at it.

There’s a good quote from André Stern (French Writer)

“Learning leads to passion, which leads to competence which leads to success which leads to reward”

– A little trivia to the author he has never been to school and is now a published writer and artist and this quote is from one of his talks… not the book –

He is the proof that a good CV and diplomas are not the only way to a form of success.

I wish you luck on your way and hope that hope will come back to you.

For me it helped to change my direction to aspire to a long lost dream.

Here I have a few poems from the time I lost hope.

“oh you crazy world, full of paradox.
could not one be different?
all have to be the same
the answer never differs
in short in stays the same
who is to blame?
experience they want
but give nothing away
time I have to plan and plot
be glad I don’t have a gun
or you would all be shot”

“Give me work , employment or just the cash or let this stupid system crash. change it to something no one becomes. Get rid of riches and titles let us all be unemployed.
For moneys worth I think it would be great.”

“from toothache to back break
migraine to some different pain
lungquake to mindbreak
to root of all is the lack of money
so give me work and I will be healthy”

no translation in to German planned 😉


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